Security and rights above all

Security and rights above all

Top-notch security

At VoxHot Music, we believe artists and their music are paramount. That’s why it’s exclusively the artists who decide who listens to their music, how long a test may last, and who can access the research report.

When a track is released to an audience, it is enclosed in an encrypted questionnaire. This means that the audience can only evaluate one track one time – and that the track cannot be shared or downloaded.

Valid test results and full transparency

The most reliable test reports are the Music Test, since they are based on an impartial audience, whereas the Get It On Track Test relies on people within the test holder’s own network.

The Scouting List is completely transparent. It can be split up, for example, by vocals, bands, vibe and much more. You can also see how large a sample (number of participants) forms the basis of the report for each individual track.

The research institute Voxmeter A/S is behind VoxHot Music
In conjunction with the establishment of VoxHot Music, Voxmeter has entered into a formal agreement with KODA, the collective rights management society that administers Danish and international copyrights for music creators and publishers . The agreement obliges Voxmeter to ensure the rights of copyright holders. The agreement with KODA also puts CEM MusicTest (Voxmeter) on par with other music media, thereby ensuring that artists get paid when their music is played. Voxmeter is also a member of the international trade association Esomar and thus obliged to ensure that personal data and/or materials are not disclosed to third parties without written consent. Last but not least, Voxmeter is obliged to guarantee both musicians and test subjects 100% anonymity in conjunction with responses.