Lemon Palace have a sweeter sound in Copenhagen

Even though they are new to the music industry, and still haven’t played their debut concert, they do have attracted a lot of attention. Their new single “Nothing Real” is very well put together, and it’s on the 9th place on the VoxHot list this week.

The audience only have good things to say about the production of Kajsa Vala’s song “Heroes”

Kajsa Vala’s lastest album “Tomorrow Is Not Lost” was well received by critics and her newest release “Heroes” is popular on the VoxHot list this week with 609.796 unique likes.

Barbara Moleko showoff her unique sound in “Den Uendelige Nat”

There is something unusually confident in Moleko’s sound which is no surprice since she has been engaged to music for a long time. She has the second place on the VoxHot list this week and 757.112 unique likes.

Wall to Wall’s “Waiting” is worth the wait

The album by the duo Wall To Wall has been seven years underway before it’s recent release – and it’s well receivement shows that it has been worth the wait. Our analysis of the track “Waiting” shows that it has 329.057 unique likes.

Fans of heavy metal is recieving “Perfume and Steel” by Slægt very well

Around 700.000 Danes loves heavy metal. The Copenhagen based band, Slægt, are in this music analysis welcomed by these fans. The analysis shows that 209.600 is the groups potential fans in Denmark.

Karl Williams vocal excites the Danes

This month “Langt Ude” is 8th on the VoxHot list. The song has received a total of 392,398 unique likes from the Danes.

The mature listeners welcomes NOAH’s new pop gem “Undskyld”

NOAH specializes in light synth-pop and his new song takes the 1st place for the lastest month on the VoxHot list. According to the analysis, 860.821 listeners are very pleased with the track.

Hedegaard’s “Back To You” is catchy and gentle

“Back To You” is this month 4th  on the VoxHot list. The song has received a total of 433,180 unique likes. Only 7% of listeners says that they do not like the song.

Benal’s latest single is not only for the hiphop fans

The duos latest single “Lampeskærm” gets 292,940 unique likes, the song is this month number 12 on the VoxHot list. Many listeners describe that there is an element of curiosity about the track.

Nicklas Sahl’s new track is sweet music for the women

Nicklas Sahl is only 21 years old, and he already played severel soldout concerts. This summer he performed on the festival “Smukfest”, and now his new song Planets is 5th on the VoxHot list. More than 654.000 Danes likes the track very much. 

Elisha’s ‘Remedy’ is highly suitable for concerts

The 21-year-old Elisha er one of this years new Danish names. He had his debut in the start of the year and is this week (42) 11th on the VoxHot list with the song “Remedy”. The result of the analysis is that more than 314.000 fans likes the track.

The city clubbers loves MORTEN and Reo Cragun

’Tonight I’m Loving You’ made by the LA-based Dane Morten and the hiphopper Reo Cragun is a party-house track that mostly have young fans from Copenhagen. The analysis shows that four out of ten of people who likes the song is under 30 years old.

Astrid S’ new track ‘Emotion’ is 5th on VoxHot week 42

Astrid S’ new track ‘Emotion’ has gone straight to the 5th place on the VoxHot list in week 42. The analysis tells us that more than half a million Danes likes the song. Also that it goes well in the radio and over half the fans want to listen to the track in the radio.

I’ve Wanted You – The Sibling on the VoxHots 2nd place

The Swedish siblings and the duo ‘First Aid Kit’ have traveled around the world for the past six years to preform. Their new song ‘I’ve Wanted You’ is number two on the VoxHot list in week 41 and number four on Voxmeters ‘All Time list’ with almost 1.2 million Danish fans.

Lukas Graham is a sovereign 1st on VoxHot

The analysis of “Love Someone” show that more than 1.7 million Danes really likes the song. Lukas Graham hereby beats all the superstars selected by Voxmeter like Shawn Mendes and Paul McCartney. Love Someone goes straight to the top of the VoxHot list as all time 1st.

Ida Red appeals to the city’s pop-boys

Ida Red is Denmark’s new girl band, their pop univers and polyphonic song is VoxHot’s 4th place in week 41. The analysis shows that about 880.000 danes likes the song very much.

Rasmus Nøhr’s ‘Tænker For Meget’ spreads joy

Rasmus Nøhr’s music is played on a daily basis on the radio and he’s therefore a well-known figure in the danish music industry. His latest track “Tænker For Meget”, goes straight to the 5th place on the VoxHot list in week 40. The analysis shows that around 825.000 danes likes the song very much.

MØ is for the city women, young in the 90’s

MØ is back with her 90’s inspired sound and girl-power in a new album this fall. The analysis of “Way down” shows that MØ especially falls in the taste of the group of people that were young during the 90’s.  


Hjalmer 1st place on the VoxHot-list in week 40

When you do a cover of an old “national treasure”, there might only be two possible reactions you can expect from a audience: Either you will offend the loyal fans to the original song or they will be happy about the reuion with a new interpretation made by a different generation.

White Lies 3rd place on the VoxHot-list in week 39

Even though White Lies new track ‘Time To Give’ is over 7 minutes long they make the 3rd place on the VoxHot-list in week 39. When the percent of fans who Top-rated the track is converted, it has nearly 716.000 fans in Denmark – that is the result of Voxmeter’s listener analysis.

Mount Ego 9th place on the VoxHot-list in week 39

Mount Ego’s new track ‘Higher Than You’ is a solid pop-rock track for the adult popuplation. ‘Higher Than You’ takes a great 9th place on the VoxHot-list in week 39. 95 % of people who like the track are older than 30 years old, only 5 % are younger than 30 years old – the track has 452.000 fans, when the calculation is converted.

Positive listener reviews of Bette’s ‘Darling’ on the VoxHot-list

The Danish RnB singer Bette is now out with her new single, ‘Darling’, the track has the 12th place on the VoxHot-list in week 36. ‘Darling’ mostly engage the intest of the younger population.

Katinka is a rough diamond – 6th place on the VoxHot-list in week 36

Katinka Bjerregaard, has increased her popularity with her “wallflower songs” about the unsightly and ugly, about bullying and love anxiety.

Maroon 5 are 2nd on the VoxHot-list

Maroon 5 might be best associated with the 00’s, but they are still thriving. If you were one of those who sang-along to ‘She Will Be Loved’ or ‘This Love’ trying to do the leadsinger Adam Levine’s falset, you probably like the new single, ‘Girls Like You’.

Alcabean are rocking for the youngsters

Alcabean were formed in an apartment in Copenhagen, like real rockstars. They wrote music about the confusing youth and the present recognition pressure. The british musicmedia discovered them after their music got released online, ever since their career has accelerated. 

The rebels Off Bloom charms all

Despite the rebel and uncensored expression of the trio ‘Off Bloom’, the band fall in the interest of both the young and elder population with their new song ‘Not Sorry’.

‘Fugle kan dø’ – Poetry for the creative urban youth

The duo and the couple Sebastian Rønne and Rezwan Farmi go together under the artist name ‘Rest in Beats’. They won The Danish Radio channel P3’s talent contest in 2017, and their latest song ‘Fugle Kan Dø’ is on the 5th place on Voxmeters VoxHot list this month.

‘Coco O’ is sore and present

The Danish singer Coco O, also known from the duo Quadron, has gone solo, with the double single ‘Dolcequa’ as a result. Here you will find the track ‘Bled For You’, it is a calm song where the delicate voice of Coco O is accopanied by a lone acoustic guitar and a few strings.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are a bad match

The new single ‘Apeshit’ by The Carters gives an insight into the marriage of Beyoncés and Jay-Z. First the infidelity crisis came, then the excuse and with ‘Apeshit’ we get the reconciliation with the words: “I can’t beleive we made it”. The analysis show that the Danes don’t think this is a good match, only 7 % of the Danish population likes the song.

Kesi sounds like Drake

‘Kom Over’ is a track that, according to the fans, is suitable for a party, and also great for the radio. In fact, about 23% Danes would like to sing along to ‘Kom Over’ in the radio, and only 8% will definitely not hear the song in the radio.

Saveus has something on his mind

Saveus are opening ‘Orange Scene’ on July 4th at Roskilde Festival. The track ‘Ready To Die’ is this week 9th place on the VoxHot list. The Danes have followed the leadsinger, Martin Hedegaard, since his participation in the first danish X-factor where he won, the analysis shows that he still has a lot of fans.

Father John Misty’s new song never dies

Father John Misty has become a paradox of this time with his beautiful crooner voice and his ravaging person. The reviewers are often excited about Father John Misty’s dark universe, and they are not alone. More than half of the listeners want to see John Misty live and everyone of them want to listen to him in the radio.

Stine Bramsen

Stine Bramsen: “We should not judge others”

The title says a lot and the Danes agree. Stine Bramsen is back with a new EP, where the track ‘Don’t Judge Me’ has been well received. Our analysis tells that the listeners think it is a sad and tender track that are suitable for moments of relaxing and reflections.

Kanye West dissapoints his fans

Kanye West’s latest single ‘Wouldn’t Leave’ is not well received by the Danish listeners. The track is only on the 27th place on the VoxHot list. Only 14% of the listeners think the track is unique, while 77%  think the track are neither here nor there.

Only women gets up for Helmig in the World Cup

Thomas Helmig are the one to unite Denmark musically in the forthcoming World Cup final, with his new song “Hele Danmark Op At Stå”. However, it is primarily woman that likes the song while it doesn’t get the men up to cheer.

 ‘One Kiss’ fits a run

One Kiss with the scottish producer Calvin Harris and the british Dua Lipa got well recieved when it was released in april. The Danes also likes the song, 43 % of the listeners says that they want to listen to the track in the radio, they also thinks that the track are suitable for party or a run.

‘Adams House’ “grows” on the Danes

Tina Dickow has been an established artist at the Danish music stage since 2005. A lot of Danes got to hear her new song ‘Adams House’ recently at her performance at the Crown Prince’s birthday. ‘Adams House’ is one of her happiest song she has ever made, 68 % of the fans agrees on that. 

Danes loves John Mayer

John Mayer is becoming an old favorite, and the Danes loves his fresh vocal on his new track ‘New Light’ taht was released in late May. 44 % likes the song while only 3 % doesn’t.

‘Just a Kiss’ – A really good pop song

Liuwina’s song ‘Just a Kiss’ from the ‘Keep Fighting’  album is being rated as a classic pop song – and the kind that is about love. More than a third will definitely listen more to Liuwina’s crisp voice on the radio, while another 47% is also not reprehensible.

Far Rum

Danes wanna dance in ‘Fars Rum’

The Hip Hop group ‘Fars Rum’ released the party song ‘DansMedDig’ from the album ‘Flap Med De Vinger’ last summer. And while the dancehall and hip hop genre are not just everyone’s favorie, ‘DansMedDi’g gets a 6th place on the VoxHot list. More than half the listeners want to dance to the song at a concert.

Rasmus Seebach’s music meets the interest of young and elder

Rasmus Seebachs song ‘De Værste Bedste År’ brings joy and celebration to the fans. Both young and old loves the song a whole lot want to listen more to it, it might be the reggae rythm that has a wide grasp at people.

Drake’s new track is way too boring

Drake released his new single “Nice For What” as a teaser for his fifth album, ‘Scorpion’, published in June. But the Danes do not like Drake’s sound – particalarly not when it comes to live shows, 71 % of the listeners doesn’t want to listen to the track at a concert.

“Preserve your voice, Marie Key!”

Marie Key promotes love and a touch of sadness in the heart of fans with her latest song, ‘Det Vi Sagde’, the analysis tells that the track has 850,000 Danish fans. The song is on the 4th place on the VoxHot list this week.

Sam Smith

Danes love the buttery voice of Sam Smith

Sam Smith is hot these days. His track ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’ are 2rd  on VoxHot list of most popular songs among the Danes. It is not hard to believe the good feedback. 59 % thinks his vocal is very good while none doesn’t like it.

The trained ear likes Lars Lilholt best

It is a few Danes who do not like Lars Lilholt and his collaboration with the singer Oh Land, on the track ‘Sig Mit Navn’. The track get so well reviewed by the Danes, that it takes the 1st place on the VoxHot list this week.